What to Wear: Rehearsal Dinner Attire

imageWe are on the brink of wedding season – and I love weddings! Even though I get excited to receive an invitation in my mailbox; all the events leading up to a wedding can have you stressed out about what to wear. If you’re anything like me; you put all you’re effort into creating the perfect look for the wedding;  but wait until the last-minute to figure out what to wear to the wedding rehearsal dinner. Each event leading up to the wedding is equally important as the big day and should be treated as such.  I always stress the importance of staying true to your personal style. However; special occasions call for you to forego some of your natural instincts and do something out of the ordinary.

My sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner was over the weekend. She stressed to me that it was going to be casual. I ran a couple of outfit prospects past her and after she vetoed most of them; we agreed that I would wear a casual dress of some sort. I ended up wearing this bohemian-esque dress. What’s more casual than a boho dress?! To prevent myself from looking like a hippy on my way to Coachella; (which there is nothing wrong with – just not the right place or time for the look) I wore simple yet intricate accessories and sleek heels.

When planning your look for your next special occasion whether it be a wedding rehearsal dinner or graduation party, there are a few things to bear in mind to help you create the perfect look. You won’t be committing any wardrobe violations on my watch!

  1. Set the tone: Keep in mind the location of the event. This is an indication of how formal or casual your look should be. Your wardrobe options should be instantly narrowed down; ultimately making it a little easier for you.
  2. Trending: A little black dress typically works for any occasion; but this is a great opportunity to think outside the box. Staying true to your style is important but if you’re interested in experimenting with a new trend; this is a perfect occasion to do so. It is a happy occasion after all; opt for color. Pastels are hot this Spring and the tones compliment most skin tones. Pink is my go to pastel of choice.
  3. Comfort is everything – while you should be open to venturing out of your comfort zone, you still want to be comfortable and feel like yourself. After all, you are fabulous! Additionally, you can’t exude confidence if you feel self-conscious about the way you look. Confidence isn’t something that you can fake. If you aren’t comfortable it’s easy detect. Also, if you are hung up on your looks; you won’t be able to embrace the overall celebratory tone of the moment.


Dress: Target | Belt: Vintage | Shoes: ShoeDazzle

This weekend, my darling sister got married. Here are some tidbits from the festivities.







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