The Long Lost Blogger…


The last two months are kind of fuzzy. I really don’t know how the time has elapsed so quickly. It’s been full of activity (which I’ll share later :)). Though I’ve kept busy; I must say that I have missed blogging. I tend to keep a pretty low profile when it comes to social media. I troll FB to stay abreast the daily affairs of friends and family. I’ll randomly like a photo or post a birthday wish – but that’s pretty much it. Blogging forces me to shed my anonymity. It allows me a platform to share a segment of my world with the rest of the world (or whoever is reading). It’s actually liberating and helps me to not be such a social media hermit. So back to blogging I go!

Enough of the internal monologue Let’s talk fashion!

If you’re anything like me you are longing for the warm weather to make its grand arrival. While Spring has been such a tease, it has not stopped me from reaching to the back of my closet to pull out some of my pretty dresses. Floral prints, shades of pink and lace are reminiscent of Spring to me. Balmier temperatures draw out my femininity and need to look and feel pretty. One of my go to Spring styles is an A-line dress. Why an A-line dress? There are two reasons 1) it is perfect for all body types; 2) and is super flattering. The shape of the style begins narrow (somewhat formfitting) and then it becomes fuller at the hip. It highlights the narrowest part of your body and is a little more generous when it comes to the fuller part of your body. A big part of feeling confident in your clothing is wearing things that compliment your body. Why would you wear something that didn’t fit your body properly or played up the parts of your body that you are not comfortable with? Ponder that!



Dress: Target | Shoes: ShoeDazzle | Necklace: Rocksbox


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