Things I Wish I Knew In my Early 20s

imageOften I think about how my style has evolved over the years. I had my mad about everything pink phase, my skateboarder girl phase (though I didn’t know how to use a skateboard) and my wannabe Carrie Bradshaw phase (though In reality no one actually lived that lifestyle). Though my style has changed over the years, I’ve always been keen on creating looks that reflected the style or image that I wanted to convey at the time. This isn’t to say that I never had any regrets about my fashion choices. In your youth you experiment to try to discover your sense of style. Sometimes I think about what I would tell myself now about fashion that I wish I knew in my early 20s.


  1. Invest in wardrobe staples. The value of a great fitting blazer is priceless.
  2. Not all trends are meant for everyone. And sometimes not anyone at all.
  3. Less is more. More is always TOO much.
  4. Choose quality over quantity. While 5 shirts for $20 sounds awesome, if they don’t make through a couple of wash cycles is it really worth it?
  5. Don’t spend more than you can afford. There is nothing cute about risking not being able to pay your rent for a pair of fab heels.
  6. Don’t let haters impact your styles choices. Let’s face it haters are going to hate!
  7. Looking and feeling good is important on the inside and out. Take care of your body!

I’m sure I’ve left out a few other nuggets of wisdom but you get the point. When you’re young you don’t always make the most sound choices, but through trial and error you eventually get your act together.


What are some style lessons you wish you could bestow upon your younger self?






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