Valentine’s Day: Casual Date Night Style


A Valentine’s Day date night look doesn’t mean that you need to overdose on pink and red garments. If you’ve decided that you’re not going out for a fancy dinner and instead you’re looking forward to having a casual date night – you can still have a great V day look. No matter what you wear you can still feel fun, flirty smoking hot.

A oversized shrug sweater is perfect for a cold night. A shrug is romantic. Wear a tank and skinny jeans or a midi skirt – and you’re good to go. The texture is also warm, fuzzy and inviting for a little snuggle from your SOS.

Opting for styles that are comfortable are key in making yourself feel good. If the bandage dresses and stilettos aren’t your thing, stay true to yourself and you’re style. Oh, and always remember that confidence is the best accessory.


imageimageWhat I’m Wearing:

Shrug sweater (H&M)

Tank (Gap)

Faux suede skirt (344 Clothing)

Booties (Marshalls)


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