Wardrobe Refresh: the Button Down Shirt

imageWhen I look into my closet sometimes I feel uninspired. While I’d like a closet full of new clothes, I know it’s not possible. A way to help revive your current wardrobe is by wearing pieces in a new and refreshing way. This helps to have the appeal of new garments.

The button down is timesless and extremely versatile. It’s nearly appropriate for any occasion. Button downs are sometimes seen as severe or serious and that’s not always the look that we’re trying to achieve. Pairing it with a mini and funky boots gives it a cool feel. A maxi skirt and heels would make this look fit for a night out, while rolling up those sleeves, undoing a few buttons and throwing on a pair of hip hugging jeans, will make it sassy and casual.

The button down shirt is a good foundation for any outfit. It can be utilized to create any look of your choosing.

How do you wear your button downs?


What I’m Wearing:

Top: Gap

Skirt: H&M

Boots and necklace: ShoeDazzle


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