Wardrobe Basics


For the record, basic is not bad! If you’re able to create a great look using quality pieces and not a lot of  frills, I call that a efficient and purposefully styled. Basic garments  are staples – a foundation if you will, for great style. Basics are also awesome because anyone can wear them. They are also made for everybody and every body.

Take a ribbed tunic dress. It’s almost like wearing a large tshirt as a dress. They are forgiving and virtually look great on and body type. It’s important to opt for a good fit because can teeter on looking as if you’re wearing a oversized sack or like you stuffed all your goods into a too small sack; showing every nook and cranny. A ribbed dress is also excellent for layering.  I wore my ribbed dress with with, a blazer, 80s vintage belt and combat boots. That sounds like a lot going on but if they were paired with anything else it could make for a fashion disaster but the simplicistic design of the ribbed dress makes it work.

Additionally, basic pieces are clutch  purchases when you factor in cost per wear. I think it makes sense to spend more on quality basiclothing because they will be worn countlessly. Buy a pair of jeans for $100; and say you wear that pair of jeans 1/ week. That means the CPW is $2. That’s less than a cup of coffee. How is that for perspective?

imageimageimageimageWhat I’m Wearing:

Blazer- H&M

Ribbed dress- F21

Belt- Vintage

Patent leather combat boots- ShoeDazzle



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