Style Lifecycle

imageWith a winter storm behind us (and luckily it wasn’t too devastating) and the sun hanging out a little longer in the evening; I’m getting anxious for Spring. Let me just say, I’m so stoked that when I leave work in the PM, it’s still a little light out. I’m trying not to get overzealous about these small feats since it is only the end of January. As usual as we ease on into the winter my zeal for getting dressed up wains. It’s hard to feel cute wearing oversized coat and clunky boots day after day.

Fashions Past

I always reminisce about fashions from the past. This made me think of shearling  coats being super popular when I was growing up. Everyone sported one and if you didn’t; you wished you could. It symbolized luxury.  Enevitably, the popularity of that style decreased like most trends. It then became supremely uncool to wear a shearling coat. However; the shearling coat has come full circle. It went from being on trend, to utter irrelevancy and now it rises again to relevancy. It’s funny how that happens in fashion.

Coming Full Circle

Today you can find shearling styles that are not synonymous with its usual look. For instance I was able to score this hip moto inspired shearling jacket.  It’s the perfect accoutrement to my winter style.  It gives a sense of warmth and coziness, while still yielding ooodles of style. I chose to  pair my shearling with a casual tshirt dress for a contemporary feel. Throwing leopard booties in the mix was super obvi. They go with everything!

What fashions of the past are you still hung up on? Or want to see make a comeback?


What I’m Wearing:

H&M tshirt dress

Target shearling moto jacket

Steve Madden leopard booties


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