How to Blend Vintage and Modern Fashion


Blending  vintage and modern elements is my favorite styling method. It’s not an incredibly difficult thing to do. Trends have a tendency to repeat themselves. Some vintage clothing is similar to a lot of modern styles. You can see that a lot of modern fashion borrow elements from older designs. This makes these pieces more relatable and easier to integrate into your wardrobe, to create a cohesive look without looking like you’re playing dress up.

I adore vintage coats and jewelry the most. Generally they are the focal point in an outfit and set the tone for the look/ feel that you are projecting. Vintage jackets are perfect for evening. They tend to have extra panache; which gives them the ability to be dressed up making them fitting for any occasion. Wearing a blazer with a tee or knit sweater, denim jeans and ankle boots, is a classic outfit that most people would construct on a regular basis. The element of a vintage blazer, brooch or necklace lends a feel or authenticity and helps you own you style and feel that it is specific to you.

Style is really personal. When most people get dressed they want to feel that their look is unique and not like anyone else’s. This is a pretty impossible task. The composition of an outfit is pretty standard which poses some limits on one’s ability to truly be authentic. The thing about vintage clothing is that the likelihood of seeing someone else wear the same particular item is rare.

Here are some tips for adding vintage flair into your everyday look:

1. Start with one piece. This is perfect if you’re just beginning to wear vintage clothing. It’s easier to conceptualize trading one modern element for its vintage match. I.e. wearing a vintage blouse instead of your everyday blouse.
2. Accessorize. I initially got my first taste of vintage by begging/borrowing/stealing 😉 my mother’s/aunt’s/grandma’s vintage jewelry and accessories. I just love sifting through vintage finds it’s almost like Christmas. Some of the stuff is truly amazing and really do fit in with what people are wearing today.
3. Stay true to your style. I’m all for people reinventing themselves and redefining their style but you don’t want to look like a throwback from a different era. You want to be relevant! It’s easy to get sucked up in a love affair with vintage fashions but remember to use the clothing to enhance your style and that you’re not playing dress up.



What I’m Wearing:

Vintage DKNY blazer

H&M sweater

Article of Society Jeans (Nordstrom)

Dollhouse booties (Marshalls)




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