Color Therapy

imageHey lovies! Today my alarm clock sounded and my immediate reaction was to hit snooze and get a few extra winks, just short of risking the chance of being late for my early AM meeting. When I finally awoke, I did my routine brewing of coffee and watched the news but it felt blah.

Tuesdays usually have that overwhelming blah feeling. I didn’t want to feel like that all day, so I played so tunes to lighten my spirits and began to plan my outfit. I instinctively reached for an all black ensemble. It was like I wanted to camouflage myself and be shielded from the world. Dressing in black provides that blanket of security but it also can feel heavy and dark…Don’t get me wrong, wearing black usually exudes sophistication; but I just felt blah. I didn’t want that overwhelming sense of melancholy to lurk around me. So, I swapped my black pants for an emerald jewel tones skirt, fun tights and contrasting booties -as silly as it sounds, I felt great.

Subconsciously, color impacts our psyche and overall mood. Some colors make us feel strong and powerful; while others make us mellow. We all choose outfits for different occasions,  activities and based on our state of mind. It makes perfect sense that color would impact our mood.

Lets try a little experiment. Tomorrow when you go to pick your clothing, purposely choose a bright color to add to your look. It can be an accent piece or a main part of your look. Take notice of how you feel. My guess is that you’ll feel lighter, confident and happier. Sometimes it truly is the little things in life that make all the difference.


What I’m Wearing:

Primark oversized cardigan

Marshalls turtleneck

F21 skater skirt

Issac Mizrahi striped tights (Marshalls)

Dollhouse booties (Marshalls)



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