OMG It’s Vintage

imageLast week, it was abnormally warm over the holiday weekend. Instead of sweaters and warm coats people donned short sleeve shirts and went sans coats. I took advantage of the delightful weather and wore my bright vintage frock and topped it off with a furry cowl – it is winter after all.

Shopping for vintage pieces is so much fun. There’s something really charming about vintage clothing. Each piece has a story to tell and has lived a life before coming into your possession.

•Integrating vintage into your wardrobe

When shopping vintage I try to make sure that the items I buy aren’t too dated and can mesh well with the items in my wardrobe. The juxtaposition of vintage mixed with modern threads is a really chic look. It lends originality to your own personal style. Also, shopping vintage can be costly. You want to wear make sure that the cost of the item is proportionate to the number of times you will potentially wear it.

•Stains, odors and moth holes= no sale

Whenever doing shopping of any kind; it is important to check the clothing for damage; especially vintage wares. Stains, odors and moth holes = no sale. I like a project as much as the next person but there are some things that are hard to overcome. Replacing a button is an easy fix; or sewing a garment that is on the brink of unraveling but all the washing and scrubbing may not get rid of an unsightly stain. Skip the heartache of not being able to repair your vintage find by passing on any item that will need a huge amount of TLC.

•Size matters

There are a plethora of online vintage stores; but unless you are familiar with sizing for clothing for the particular decade you’re shopping, try the clothing on before purchasing it. Clothing from the 50s/60s run smaller than modern styles. Additionally, the fit and tailoring of the garments are different from today’s clothing. So unless you’re a vintage clothing aficionado; try it on before you buy.

These are some tips to help you navigate the world of vintage clothing. If you absolutely love a garment that is so tattered and may need extra TLC, and you find it online; by all means go for it. By shopping vintage you can score truly unique swag that may be totally worth the extra TLC to bring them back to life.


What I’m Wearing:

Vintage dress

Fur cowl (Target)

Ankle booties (Marshalls)


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