Reader Spotlight: Debaleena


There are so many style bloggers out there!! For this reason, I am thankful for the internet 🙂 But seriously,I’d love the opportunity to meet all of my favorite bloggers. This is also why l love featuring other bloggers as it provides a chance to connect with them. I was so happy when I reached out to Debaleena from The Chic Research , to hear that she was up for being featured on Chic Beat. Not only does Debaleena have swoon-worthy style, she’s extremely bright, and thoughtful.
The busy Ph.D. student had some time to talk fashion, culture and her interests outside of fashion.

Tell me a little about your blog and why you started blogging.

The main goal of my blog is to bring to my readers affordable fashion. I also wanted to break the stereotype that science and fashion do not go together. I have some amazingly fashionable scientist sisters and friends.
I’m a molecular biology Ph.D. student and as you can imagine have limited means but I love a well-put together outfit. I run experiments that take all day for weeks at a time. But if you are passionate about something, you make time for it. So, I use most of my free time to follow other fashion bloggers and clothing/accessory websites coming up with pairings and different looks for various occasions. I initially used to put together these looks and post on Facebook and got some great feedback and very positive responses from my girlfriends and even some strangers. Blogging was the logical next step, and I must confess that I’ve been overwhelmed by the enormous love that I’ve gotten through the blog, Facebook and Instagram.

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Who are some of your style influences?
I take a lot of cues from my sisters on make-up and dresses. My biggest influences are however Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook, Chriselle from Chriselle Factor and Olivia Palmero.

Does your culture play a factor in your wardrobe?
It does, in an abstract sense. India is a colorful country, so I do tend to gravitate towards brighter colors and summer outfits. Also Indians are very big on jewelry and parties and get-togethers. We have more than a 1000 gods and celebrate every festival dedicated to them. Also, our weddings last for two weeks. So the culture of dressing up and looking good is part of being an Indian woman. My wardrobe choices stem from my own preference – I love maxi-dresses and chic leather outfits, and my blog mostly features western dresses. But give me a gorgeous sari and some beautiful gold jewelry and I’ll make a statement in that too!

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What are some tips you have for students to help them optimize their wardrobe on a shoestring budget?
Disposable money is a luxury but not a necessity to be fashionable. What I do is constant research to always be on the look out for deals and promotions. Low budget stores like Forever21, H&M and Zara have some great quality clothes at times and is a good way to try transient trends. Sometimes you get a steal during Labor Day, post-Christmas, and thanksgiving sales with high-end designer ware available for pennies on the dollar. But even designer clothes are not required. It’s about trying out different combinations from the clothes that you already have, drawing inspiration from blogger and Pinterest, and getting lots of feedback from others who have an eye for fashion.

What are you wearing to holiday parties?
I have an ongoing holiday party looks series on the blog, where I am talking about party looks for different occasions this holiday season. It is my way of narrowing down outfits, based on reader’s feedbacks. All I know now is that they are going to be lots of sequins and sparkle!


What are some of your interests besides fashion?
I love to travel, and hope to do more when I have more time and means. We try to make two big trips a year with a whole bunch of small ones within driving distance. Exploring new places, getting to know their history, and experiencing life, as a local are what excite me the most when I travel. I am a passionate dancer and trained in classical Indian dance ‘Bharatnatyam’. I’m also an avid reader, with special interest in fiction and history.

Debaleena is a super impressive young woman. You can take my word for it; however you should definitely visit her blog and on IG at thechicresearch.

Until next time; stay Chic!


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