Getting Leggy with Knee Socks



Knee high socks are quite versatile, meaning that they can be worn with more than the obligatory tartan plaid skirt. They are an edgy alternative to wearing tights. Knee high socks aren’t as fussy as tights. And, I’m always down for no fuss.

If you’re stuck trying to navigate the world of knee socks don’t be intimidated.

Shoes – Whether you wear them scrunched with high boots, with chic ankle boots, smart oxfords or chicly platforms – you really can’t go wrong. You just need to make sure all of the other components of your look mesh well.

Avoid being too revealing – I playfully refer to this look as school girl chic. The key to keeping this look stylish and not tart-ish is to ensure that your clothing isn’t too tight; but also make sure that you have the right amount of skin showing. The excessive showing of skin is too contrived. Try wearing a skater skirt and a loose fitting sweater or a boho inspired dress. The knee socks should act as an accent and not the focal point.

Keep it solid  – You can never go wrong with black, but other colors can work for your knee socks. Prints will through off your look and seem too juvenile and not as polished.

Now, you’re equipped with the know-how to wear knee socks like a pro.




What I’m Wearing:

H&M blazer

White  button down shirt and skater skirt from Marshalls

Forever21 knee high socks

Steve Madden cheetah print booties

Kate Spade handbag




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