So Fur Real: how to wear (faux) fur anyday

image.jpegTypically fur can seem extravagant  and not practical for everyday life. However; this winter fur has proven to be the most likely fabric every fashion girl will be spotted wearing. Fur gives a look of luxury that’s perfect for any day.

Ways to wear fur 

1. unexpected parings

Looking for nontraditional ways to wear fur is modern. A fur piece usually is the focal point of any look. Pairing it with casual items tones down the look without it being over the top. For instance, mixing fur with jeans lends a cool look.

2. minimize the bulk

Fur styles usually are bulky. Avoid looking like a furry creature by choosing sleek pieces to go with your fur. For work opt for a pencil skirt or slim pants. On date night try leather leggings and OTK boots.

3. when in doubt accessorize

I feel like a broken record saying this, but when you want to test drive a new style start by accessorizing. This is the safest way to go about it. My personal favorite fur accessory this season is the fur pom pom. I especially adore them on knit hats and key chains that you can attach to your purse.


What I’m Wearing:

Loft fur coat

H&M turtleneck sweater

Target straight leg jeans

ShoeDazzle t-strap shoe




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