DIY Gifts for the Fashionista in your Life

Homemade gifts really have a soft spot in my heart. When you think of all the time and love that goes into making them, it’s truly a special thing. Today I’ll share 3 easy DIY holiday gift ideas for the fashionable lady in your life.

personalized coffee mug – Materials needed: a coffee mug and Sharpie markers

imageYou can craft a personalized mug for your special someone in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select a coffee mug. I purchased one at Target for a little over $3. You can also purchase one at a dollar store for cheaper.
  2. Decorate your mug with Sharpie markers. If you need a little inspiration to figure out what to write, go to the Internet to sayings and/or esigns.
  3. After you finish decorating your mug, place it on a cookie sheet inside your oven (set to 350 degrees). Bake your mug for 20 minutes. This helps to set the Sharpie so that it’s permanent and won’t wash off.


Be sure to handle your mug with caution when you remove it from the oven..because it’s hot. Let it cool completely before handling. **This mug will need to be hand washed and is not dishwasher safe**

embellished top – Materials needed: tank or tee, jewels, cardboard and tacky glue


I love embellished tops because it elominates some of the hassle when you get ready in the morning. You can forgo some accessorizing because the top will do the trick – or at least you won’t need to wear a necklace.

  1. Purchase a tee or tank. You can find plain tops from stores like Target, H&M or an outlet store. I purchased the tank I used from Banana Republic Factory for $6.
  2. Get jewels to create your design.
  3. Place the cardboard inside the short and lie it flat. This is important so that the glue will not seep through the shirt.
  4. Once you figure out the design you want to use, begin glueing the jewels to the shirt. Don’t use too much glue because it will show when you push the jewels firmly against the fabric. However; if you use too much glue simply take a cotton swab and apply a little soap and water to it.  Gently rub the excess glue with the swab to remove it. After the glue is dry your shirt is ready to wear!


flower crown- Materials needed: floral garland and ribbon


Even though it’s nearly winter, it’s never out of season to rock a floral crown. They are great for special occasions and make anyone wearing one feel like a princess. That’s the best gift to give any girl.

  1. Form a crown with the garland around your head as a guide.
  2. Remove the crown from your head but maintain the shape of the crown.
  3. Cut the excess garland.
  4. Recreate the shape of the crown and secure the ends of the garland by tying ribbon around them. And there you have your crown!

image image

Make all three and give someone the ultimate DIY gift. Happy DIY-ing all!




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