Ways to Wear Sparkle for Day

imageSome fashion rules are made to be broken. Wearing sparkles only at night is an antiquated notion. Daytime sparkle is pretty awesome but it can be a little tricky to maneuver.

Wearing sequins or lamé can be too dressy. To make them daytime-friendly wearing pieces that incorporate a little bling. Try a sequins striped tee, or blazer with a little sparkle. Pair these with more casual items such as jeans or loafers. It will feel less like you’re heading to cocktail hour.

Sparkle in neutral colors feels a little more suitable for the day. If you’re going to the office, pair your gold sparkly skirt with a cardigan or black glittery top with a cropped trouser with nude or black heels or even flats for a polished look. You’ll still be a shining beauty while looking office appropriate.

If you’re just now venturing to add daytime sparkle to your repertoire, I say play it safe and stick to accessories. Try a sparkly shoe, bag or necklace on for size. It’s not such a huge commitment.

Do you have the confidence to wear your glittery duds for day?


What I’m Wearing:

Sparkly sweater and gold lame skirt – H&M

Glitter Mary Janes ShoeDazzle

Gold clutch – Gap

Gold necklace – Target


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