How to Dress for the Holidays

imageThis time of year all I want to do is dress myself like a Christmas ornament. I can’t get enough of the glitz and the color red. For daily wear, yep this is a bit over the top but I like embracing the holiday spirit. It’s distracts me from the fact that’s dark by 4:30 PM and that it’s nearly too cold to wear dresses without tights. Ugh!

If you’re just like me and you’re super excited for the holidays, here are some tips to help you optimize your wardrobe during the most magical time of the year!

black and white

The obvious choose would be to wear colors that are synonymous to the holidays such as red and green; however this can easily result in a wardrobe fail and seriously have you looking like a legit ornament. Black and white are classic and always look elegant. If you’re going from work to a holiday party this would be a great choice that is office friendly and can be totally glam with the addition of accessories and heels. If you must wear red or green wear either or and not both for Pete’s sake 🙂


Whether you’re into statement necklaces or dangly earrings you can’t go wrong with either. Pick one grand piece to be the focal point. You won’t look like you trying  too hard and people will be drawn to your awesome statement making piece.


For the millionth time I’m going to profess my love for shoes. I love shoes! Holiday shoes are the best; especially if you’re en route to a party. For day you can opt for funky flats covered in gold or silver or flats with jeweled embellsihments. For night you can bring out those sky high heels or something more sensible. A classic black pump is always works but don’t be scared to opt for color and textures.


imageimageimageOutfit details:

Furry sweater- H&M

Pleated skirt- Urban Outfitters

Isaac Mizrahi striped tights- Marshalls

Ankle boots- Target

Purple Handbag- Kate Spade

Teal bauble necklace- Anthropologie





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