How to Wear Layers Like a Pro

impageI hope everyone had a rad holiday weekend and that everyone ate ’til their heart’s content. Whilst feeling a little rounder from indulging over the holiday weekend, comfy layers felt quite appropriate. Layers are great for creating a casual yet stylish look that can be difficult to achieve. I’m trying to perfect my layering techniques; to those of Blair (from Atlantic Pacific) #stylegoals.

There a some basic principles when it comes to layering like a pro:

Start light – Arriving at a disheveled and frumpy appearance is easy when layering. If you wear layers that are all bulky, then you end up with a shapeless and overall look that lacks style. Start with a tee or thin knit – something that fits closely to the body.

Play with lengths– High – low trends have gained popularity. They are a great technique for layering. Opting for the crop top sweater and longer button down top (like I did I) also gives a cool 90’s vibe with the help of the oversized boxy shape of the crop top. The first layer should be the longest layer. This trick helps to elongate the body.

Get a leg up– Layering isn’t restricted to the northern region of your body. Below the border, layering is a thing. Skinny jeans worn with warm chunky knit socks, that peek  out from the top of your boots is clutch. If you’re wearing a dress, you can never go wrong with classic black tights; but colorful opaque tights also hit the mark. Jewel tones are perfect for colder months. Decorative tights with patterns can take center stage and create intrigue. The perfect accompaniment to any tights are knee high socks and either tall or ankle boots. Textured tights can be worn with pants or culottes as a nice alternative to socks and topped with heels for an eclectic look.

Now, you’re equipped with the basic tools to layer like a pro.


Outfit details:

Plaid shirt: Thrifted

Cashmere sweater: Nordstrom Rack

Skinnines: Marshalls

Tall boots: ShoeDazzle



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