The Boys Club


I am borrowing a page from the guy’s style guide. I like to consider myself keen at commingling masculine and feminine clothing. Androgynous styles have always appealed to me. Seeing images of women wearing styles with masculine undertones in editorials scream chic to me and I feel compelled to become a copycat and try to mimic them.

When you think about it, there are just some things that are made for men that look great on women such as men’s slim fit jeans, t-shirts, blazers and comfy oversized sweaters.

The new power suit – When I used to think of the power suit the words masculine, severe, stiff and boring all came to mind. Additionally, unflattering colors and ill-fitting shoulder padded structures that I couldn’t imagine looking good on anyone. Over time, there have been adaptations to the power suit. Adaptations that make wearing a suit comfortable for every person and allows you to show your own personal style. Usually, if one is wearing a suit they are trying to project a look of professionalism. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add colors and patterns to your ensemble and still have a polished look. For a business casual look, you can pair suit separates together and don a t-shirt or striped knit underneath your jacket.

The addition of heels and skirts instantly add femininity. Going from opposite ends of the style-gender spectrum always makes for a wonderfully refreshing look.

Bear these tips in mind, the next time you consider blurring the gender lines when it comes to your style.





What I’m Wearing:

H&M blazer

Marshalls sheer black top

Target windowpane print jogger

ShoeDazzle reptile print pump






3 thoughts on “The Boys Club

    • Thanks! Playing with silhouettes is key. Though you are petite a slightly oversized coat/blazer would work in creating a masculine look. The other pieces of your look would need to have a closer fit. Make sure pieces aren’t too boxy or have a ton of fabric to avoid looking frumpy. You can always belt a top or jacket to create shape.

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