Wrapped up in a Blanket Scarf


What’s a perfect way to combat the chill factor? A blanket scarf! It is the must-have accessory this season. It’s so soft and reminds me of being in bed nestled in my covers (delightful).  It also embodies functionality and versatility. It can be worn as a poncho, cape, shawl, braided or used as a blanket – the styling possibilities are endless.

A blanket scarf is so darn cozy and impossible to resist. One can err on the side of appearing frumpy when wearing a blanket scarf but the key is to decrease the other bulky components in your look. In other words, stick to sleek thin knits and fitted items that aren’t so voluminous. The blanket scarf is oversized and paired with other oversized items, it can look clunky and not so chic. Basically, bulky + bulky does not neutralize or cancel each other out. Think skinny jeans and pencil skirts.

There are so many options as far a colors and retailers pedaling the must have accessory.  My scarf is from Target. It’s at a great price ($19.99) and looks and feels amazing.


What I’m Wearing:

Blanket Scarf – Target

Blazer – Vintage DKNY

Dress – H&M

Shoes – ShoeDazzle

Belt – Banana Republic


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