Distressed Denim DIY

Denim is a cornerstone in Fashion. The evolution of denim has been radical through the years. Each decade people sported a different trend in denim (some better and some WAY worse than others). Recently, reports have shown a decline in denim sales, as people are opting to wear leggings and other wear. I’m going to take a brief moment in this post to do a PSA:

Dear Ladies,

Leggings are not PANTS. Unless worn with a long tunic, sweater or something that covers your bum. If you insist on wearing leggings as pants, please make sure your leggings pass the transparency test. People should not be able to see your unmentionables through the fabric. I repeat, people should not be able to identify the pattern or color of your skivvies. This is by no means is me giving shade, I just want to make sure you’re on point.



Phew, that’s my good deed for the day. Back to the post —>

A new pair of jeans can put a little pep in your step and transform your body into a better version of itself. They really can work wonders! However; they can also set you back a pretty penny. That being said, sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth it. What’s the deal with paying top dollar for distressed jeans? Yes, they look really cool; but I simply refuse to shell out a lot of money for them. Why buy new jeans that look like they’ve been worn and washed a dozen times? Contemplating this triggered my crafty side. I decided to challenge myself to turn a pair of my old jeans into a snazzy pair of distressed jeans.

In a few easy steps, I was able to create distressed jeans and avoided stressing over the financial consequences of purchasing new jeans. I am pretty pleased with the outcome; however before I wear them I will tweak them a bit to enlarge the holes and create a look of more wear. Follow the steps below to revamp your jeans to give them the distressed effect.

  1. Fold jeans so that they are showing the profile/side of the jeans.
  2. Make cuts in the knee, thigh, pockets ( or wherever else you want) on your jeans .

**As a word of caution: I encourage people to make smaller cuts to start and then you can go back and widen them if you desire. The wider the cut the bigger the hole.

3. Place jeans in washing machine

4. Dry jeans after wash.

5. You can repeat steps 3 + 4 if you want an extra frayed look.

That’s it! It’s super easy and you don’t need to be the craftiest person to do this. Before you toss out your old jeans, consider shopping for more denim, or if you’re having GNO at home, try this fun DIY project.






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