Camo prints have always been popular. Adding the print to any outfit instantly creates an edgy overall look.  The print usually takes center stage so it’s a must to keep the rest of the look neutral. This mashup includes feminine pieces to offset the masculine feel of the camo print. Camo prints have come along way. There is a great array of options from jackets, pants, tops and dresses that sport the print. Additionally, designers have strayed from the normal browns and greens associated with the pattern to include pinks, reds and neutrals; which refresh the timeless pattern. Color can revitalize and feminize any style and make it more appealing. Pairing this dress with a red leather jacket was a slightly bold move; but sometimes you need to live on the edge and step away from the norm. The red jacket plays up the color in the dress. Red is also a perfect color for this te of wear.

image image image imageJacket: Wilsons Leather | Dress: Zara | Boots and Hat: Target

~Ash & Rose Grand Opening~ imageOn Friday Ash & Rose opened its doors in the trendy SOWA Disrict in Boston’s South End. The area is synonymous for great restaurants, art galleries and retailers. Added to the bevy of retail shops is Ashe & Rose. They are helping women reconnect with the beauty of natural and organic clothing. Recyled materials are also implemented in their designs. From the very first step I took into the boutique I became enamored with the colors and warmth of the space. The space was also filled with great energy and excitement. It’s clear that great care and diligence goes into curating  their collection as each item is unique. I relished at the thought of how my favorite items would make wonderful additions to my wardrobe. My favorite pieces were the hand knit alpaca scarves, the cashmere tunic-like tops (which are offered in a wonderful hues) and the gorgeous hand embroidered Peruvian belts.

imageSettled in a prime location. I think Ash & Rose’s future is very promising. I also had a opportunity to speak with mother – daughter duo that own the boutique. Their passion is so abundant and they stand behind their products. The timing of the opening is perfect as we embark on the holiday season. If you aren’t able to visit the boutique, you should make it a point to visit their online boutique (

image image image image image


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