Beanie Hat DIY


Why buy when know you can up-cycle? Turn those old sweaters into a Fall/Winter must-have. You can have yourself a beanie hat in a few easy steps.

  1. Dig out an old sweater to use.


2. Cut a sleeve from the sweater.


3. Turn the sleeve inside out. You are going to securely close the wider end of the sleeve that you just cut. There are two ways you can do this: Wrap yarn tightly around the material to close the opening or sew the opening closed. I’m lazy so I’ve definitely opted to do the first option several times and it’s worked just fine.

4. Now you’re ready to wear your cool beanie. Don’t forget to turn it right side out. Now you’re ready!

If you opt to use a longer sleeve you can make a slouchy knit cap which is clutch for chilly days. You can also jazz up your beanie with embellishments or a pom pom.

image image image image

Coat: Loft | T-shirt: Marshalls


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