Reader Spotlight: Schantelle

Hello lovelies- I am thrilled about this week’s feature. There are some people who you meet in life and realize that they have a natural ability when it comes to doing something and it leaves you in awe. Ms. Schantelle has a natural ability when it comes to creating great style. Her style exudes confidence and total awareness of what works well for her body type. Her fervor for fashion is infectious and inspiring.


Q: At what age did you become interested in fashion?

  • I remember I was five years old when I became interested in fashion. I knew this was a fact because I had tons of Barbie dolls but I did not “play” with them. I was interested in cutting my stockings (tights) to create out fits for them.

Q: Name five things in your closet you can’t live without.

  • My silk scarf from H&M. It’s a classic piece in my wardrobe. When I feel my look is missing something, I always add her. She can be worn on my head, around my neck, to being an accessory for my handbag. She completes me.
  • My blazers. Those ladies always whip me into shape. They are my signature piece. Whether it’s paired with trousers, leggings, jeans, a skirt, shorts, or even sweats, I automatically look “pulled-together”.image
  • My coats. I am a lover of outerwear! The first one is my RED wool coat from Elie Tahari. It was my holiday gift to myself. She is absolutely stunning, captivating, classic, and reads Audrey (my grams). I wear her over any look in the fall and winter. The second coat is my BCBG (Bon Chic Bon Genre) MAX AZRIA parka. It has a detachable fur lining. The color is an army green with faux leather fabric on the forearms. There is also a detachable fur trim on the hood. I love this parka because I can where her in the heights of winter and in the lows of spring. She really is an all year around piece! I adore functionality.
  • My Velvet (Easton) scarab smoking slippers from Tory Burch. They are my most comfortable fashion shoe. She too is worn with everything!
  • Leggings! So basic but my absolute necessity in life. I must have 30 pairs of leggings. Majority of them are black of course. They are the best for my body type. Comfort is key.

Q: What is your mantra when it comes to style?

  • Always dress to impress yourself. Style is your personal quote without having to speak. It is something unique to yourself yet identifiable for others.image

Q: What is your color palette are you wearing for fall?

  • Black, white, gray, deep olive (army) green and RED.

Q: How can someone on a budget update their wardrobe this season?

  • Shop your closet. Fashion is a recycled luxury. Style isn’t a trend. Purchase a few key basics and adopt what is yours. Trust me, you’ll always look “ahead” of the game.

You can take a look at more of Schantelle’s glam looks on Instagram @ schanti4119.


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