3D Printing: The Future of Fashion

Fashion is being taken to another dimension – 3 dimensional that is. 3D printed wares may sound like a thing of the future; but this is the current state of affairs in the fashion industry. This was especially clear as we saw 3D creations hit the runways at Paris fashion week this year. We are now beginning to see the shift toward additive manufacturing. Shapeways is a trailblazer in this movement. They work with designers looking to make 3D designs and manufacture their creations. A couple of years ago you may have seen Dita Von Teese wearing one of their fashions.

Yep they created that amazing frock; along with talented designers Francis Bitonti and Michael Schmidt. Last year Shapeways revealed a remarkable dress designed by Nervous System. The dress prints in one single folded piece and is composed of scores of panels, connected by hinge joints. If that wasn’t already fascinating enough, the dress adapts to the body as it is worn. Pretty neat, huh? The process is truly amazing. You can see it for yourself here.

3D printing solutions present a way to manufacture products in a time an efficient way. With this growth, we will see advancement in materials used to create pieces, as there are currently limitations. As the ability to produce 3D printed apparel grows, it is likely to see the demand for 3D wares surge.

Now this leads to the impending question – Will 3D printing replace sewing? I guess only time will tell.


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