Reader Spotlight: Sabine

This week’s feature is the fascinating Sabine. I discovered Sabine and her blog on Instagram. I was charmed by her unique style. I love hair and love the fact that she isn’t afraid to switch up her style and try daring looks. Sabine was kind enough to do a little Q&A with me and provided some insight on her style.


1) How did you become a fashion blogger?

A: I’ve always been super interested in fashion and people have always been looking to me for fashion advice so it just felt natural to become a fashion blogger.

2) What is your favorite article of clothing that you own?

I have a vintage fur coat that I’m obsessed with and a vintage dress that is rose colored; which I bought from the garment district in Cambridge, that I absolutely love.

3) Who is your celebrity style crush?

A:It has to be a tie between Alexa Chung and Emma Watson. Both of them are classic beauties that put a twist to their style and look so effortlessly chic.

4) How would you describe your style?

A: I can’t describe my style in a simple way; overall my favorite eras are the ’20s and ’30s which I try to incorporate into my style. But style to me is such an emotional thing. One day I will wear ’80s grunge and the next day I’ll be dressed like Audrey Hepburn. It all depends on what side of my personality I want to show that day.

5) Since you’re a hair model; what’s the most outrageous hairstyle you’ve ever had?

A: I did a modeling gig for a Goldwell hair coloring competition; called Colorzoom, and my fabulous hairstylist Rogue Shannon, who works for Bradley and Diegel Salon in Boston, colored my hair in four different colors and cut it into a faux hawk. That was definitely one of my craziest hairstyles, along with new shaving my head bald.


6) Shoes or handbags?

A: Handbags. Hands down – No pun intended.

7) What’s your favorite brand?

A: I absolutely love the brand Burberry. I belive it’s still looked at as somewhat conservative but their fashion has evolved so much and has become a lot more edgy but classy at the same time. And of course Emma Watson being their model really helps as well.

8) A trend you regret trying?

A: ’60s hippie style. I’ve tried it over and over again but I just have to realize it’s not who I am. I guess I’m just too stuck on well fitted clothes for that trend.

9) What is the last article of clothing you purchased?

A: A beige over coat. You can never have too many coats!

10) List 5 pieces everyone needs in their Fall wardrobe.

A: Tench coat, a well fitted denim shirt, boyfriend jeans, suede booties, fun tights.


Doing Reader Spotlight posts are my fave. Hearing about others’ style influences and styles they are digging; motivates me to step up my styling game. I hope you enjoyed reading about Sabine and found some style inspiration. Check out Sabine on Instagram @ sabine_b02

Be sure to visit next week for for another dose of the Chic Beat’s Reader Spotlight.

Stay chic everyone!


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