DIY: Shoes that Bling

Hey all! Hope you’re faring well through the midweek hump. It’s been a really soggy day on the east coast. What’s up he best rainy day activity? That’s right; you guessed correctly…a DIY project. This is a super easy way to breathe life back into an old pair of shoes. I adore these suede kitten heels even though I hardly ever wear them anymore. In three easy steps I turned these shoes into pretty bedazzled stunners.

Materials needed: Shoes, glue gun, cloth, jewels (or whatever you want to use)

1: Prep shoes to be bedazzled. Remove dust and wipe down shoes. You want a clean surface to work with. Like I said I don’t wear these often anymore so they’ve collected dust.

2) Figure out the placement of the jewels before you begin glueing them on the show. If you change your mind about how you want to arrange the jewels it’ll be difficult to remove them post glue. Trying to remove the jewels can potentially ruin the shoes.

3) Take your glue gun and begin to adhere the gems to shoes. Be sure to apply enough glue to ensure that the jewels stay put; however don’t use an excessive amount to avoid clumps of exposed glue.

Now these babies are ready to be worn!

image image

image image


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