Buttoned Up


The button down shirt has proven to be a timeless piece. It’s an item that we all have in our wardrobe. There is something so effortless and stylish about a crisp button down shirt that I really love. I tend to stray from the conventional way of doing things and instead of wearing the shirt the way most would, I decided to drape it over my shoulders which was perfect for a chilly day. Perhaps acid wash and the classic piece wouldn’t typically be paired together but I like creating looks that have an unexpected twist. I think its fundamental in having a look that is truly your own.

If you are interested in wearing a button down shirt in a non- traditional way consider these options:

  1. Off the shoulders: The bare shoulder trend made for steamy summer days. Luckily, this look can transition into the Fall. Wear a slightly oversized shirt and unbutton the first few buttons and pull the top off your shoulders. You can control how much skin you show by how many buttons you choose to undo. This is a great look for the weekend or night out paired with fitted denim and heels.
  2. Layered: Take your button down and wear it under your favorite dress. Adding a collar gives the dress a different look. Additionally, you can try this look vice versa by wearing the button down over the dress and cinch the waist with a belt. Leave a few of the bottom buttons undone so that the dress can peek out from underneath.
  3. Tuck- Sometimes it’s all about the tuck. Try the relaxed half tuck with your shirt. Leave the buttons from your waist down unbuttoned and neatly tuck one side of the shirt into your pants or skirt. It’s that easy!

image image imageimage

J.Crew button down shirt | Acid wash tank from Marshalls | Pants and necklace from Macy’s | Vince Camuto booties


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