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Photo credit: Boston Calendar

It’s hard to believe that Boston was dubbed the worst dressed city a few years back (it was 2011 to be exact). A bit of an exaggeration in my opinion; however I can see how our lax take on style can be mistaken as lazy or lacking of real style. In more recent  years Boston has become more of a fashion conscious city.   When most people think of fashion + Boston they immediately think of luxury brands and  the noteworthy Newbury Street.  The city is thriving with new retailers, occasional pop up shops and other fashion related  soirées hosted by retailers. I must admit that I  especially like going to these events namely for the free bites and cocktails.

September is one of my favorite months because it’s my birthday month, all things pumpkin reappear in stores (that includes pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pie and pumpkin beer- my fave) and Boston Fashion Week. No it’s not Paris or New York Fashion Week for that matter but it is clear that Boston acknowledges the impact that fashion and creation has in our lives. The week (and pre-week) is packed with runway shows, educational opportunities, discussions and much more. This is truly impressive  – as one can receive a crash course in fashion during this week. The breadth of events have the potential to appeal to everyone from the eco-friendly, to techies and the posh.  Additionally,  fledgling designers are given a chance to showcase their talent. Throughout the month you’ll also find other events taking place in the city. Back Bay Night Out is one of said events.  The stage for this is set at the Shops at Prudential Center. Partakers receive mini pamper sessions, swag bags stuffed with goodies and exclusive sales all for one night. Although, I am happy to see the return of BBN it has become a scaled down version of what it used to be in its glory days a few years ago (formerly known as Fashion’s Night Out) when the posh Newbury Street was shut down for essentially a block party. There were tunes blaring, exotic cars laced the street and you could stumble into any store for nibbles, champagne and great sales. Those were fun times.

In celebration of this wonderful time of year, I compiled a list of sights and scenes to check out this month if you are in the Boston area. If you know of any other happenings not mentioned, please leave a comment with details below.

Back Bay Night Out – Thursday, September 10 @ the Shops at Prudential Center |

Girl Swap – Sunday, September 13 @ SOWA |

Great Bridal Expo – Sunday, September 13 @ Sheraton Boston Hotel |

Boston Fashion Week – September 27 thru October 3 @ various locations |

Ash & Rose Launch Party – Friday, October 2 @  460C Harrison Avenue | ;

UGG Pop Up Store – now thru 2016 @ Faneuil Hall
4 South Market Building |


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