Wine, macrame and metallics – oh my!


Loads of thoughts running through my head. As summer is winding down I’m thinking about getting my closet ready for Fall. Three things I’m slowly becoming obsessed with (and we’re only entering the second week of September) are wine tinted lip hues, metallics and macrame. I’m predicting these to be big trends this Fall. You heard it here first! To me it’s a no brainier- I mean when are metallics not hot?! I was able to combine all three of my new loves in this look. These styles impress best when they are a supporting accessory and not the main feature. They inadvertently end up shining on their own without seeming too contrived.




TJ Maxx dress | Macy’s macrame necklace | ShoeDazzle oxford


3 thoughts on “Wine, macrame and metallics – oh my!

  1. You blog is really fun and creative. I love your style and how you write your post too btw. You should definitely check out my blog too! I do mainly fashion/advice post, I think you’d like it 😊


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