Fancy Pants


Most of the time I feel pretty confident in my style choices.  There are times when I make it to work and curse my biased mirrors and appearing as if I got dressed using a fun-house mirror. My wonderful beau is my photographer and when we were just about to go outside and take these photos he asks “Are those pants supposed to be stylish”? I replied, “Yup”. He counters with “Ok, I guess you’d know best”. I did for a brief moment contemplate changing but then I thought to myself that I really like these pants. I chalked up my bf’s comment as being misguided and not rude. I mean after all what does he know about fashion?!?! I pride myself in helping him get ready most mornings. I interpreted his comment as a challenge and I wanted to be the victor and prove that I could pull of wearing these pants. This made me wonder if women think their partner’s feedback on their attire is worthwhile. And how often do you seek their opinions or approval when it comes to your fashion choices? While I do value my guy’s opinion; he would never tell me what to wear  –  we both know that I’m going to wear whatever I want anyhow 🙂




Marshalls top | TJ Maxx pants | Amiclubwear shoes | Target necklace 


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