Rise & Shine


I felt totally babealicious in this dress. As corny as it sounds, sometimes wearing a pretty dress makes you feel pretty. At the risk of sounding like a crazy person, I really want to emphasize the benefits of rising early in the AM to prepare yourself for the day. When I feel that I look good, I get this surge of confidence and optimism. It’s not the case that I don’t feel this way unless I’m wearing a “pretty dress”; however taking a few extra minutes in the morning to spend on myself to prepare for the day, leaves feeling assured that I am ready for anything. Whether it’s taking the time to make yourself breakfast, exercise or getting dressed in the morning- taking that extra time sets the tone for the day. Personally, when I wake up early I get  a lot done in the morning, Then I’m pumped and that energy sticks with me through the day. It’s also a quiet time to reflect and get a little peace of mind before getting into the daily grind. Get up early tomorrow and greet the day and appreciate that you are a live to see another day – and then attack it!

image image imageimage


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