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When it comes to fashion photos are often the selling point and the same goes for fashion blogs. Great photos are essential. Fashion blogs have changed the way that we shop. You can’t tell me that you haven’t contemplated making a purchase after seeing your fave blogger wearing a killer pair of heels or a fab bag that you wouldn’t mind toting around. I definitely look to my favorite fashion bloggers to know what’s on the cusp of becoming a fashion trend or to verify that my style choices hit the mark. You’ll want to bookmark this page to refer back to these inspirational bloggers to help give your style/closet a boost.

Brooklyn Blonde- She’s a pro when it comes to wearing classic staples in a modern and fresh way. She really knows what styles work best for her body; which is key. Did I mention that this lady’s shoe game is fierce? She has perfected the art of pairing the perfect denim with an insane pair of stilettos.

Simply Cyn- The self- professed Etsy Addict’s wardrobe is a bright and beautiful collage of colors and styles not traditionally combined; however wonderfully meld together. From office to play, Cyn puts together looks that are practical and suitable for everyday wear. Her blog is a personal look into her life as she shares her likes in music, home décor and travel.

Atlantic Pacific-  Whimsy and glamorous are a couple of words to describe her style. There’s a blending of West Coast meets East Coast style which works so well. I’m not sure if there are any designers out there that have curated designs based on that concept but if there were one, everything would fly off the rack.

Style Pantry-  So, I’m obsessed with this woman’s hair. It’s amazing! Not only does her hair deserve praise but, she has an aptitude for cultivating a look so unique – and it’s really bad ass. There are usually a few different elements combined in one look from romantic, to edgy, to boho, but somehow they come together brilliantly to form a delightful package.

I’d love to hear from you guys. What other fantastic bloggers are you following?


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