Bright and Bold


As you can see, I wore my most colorful pieces. Color makes me happy. It exudes energy and vivacity and when I wear loud and bold color I feel the same way. As I began writing this post, I started to think that with each passing day the window to be able to wear such vibrant color narrows. Soon it will be Fall and dark and heavy clothing will reappear in my closet. I then contemplated the mundane task of having to organize my closet and swap out my wardrobe. overwhelmed with sadness and flashes of the horrendous Winter we just had, I thought to myself that it’s too soon. Too soon to think of the impending Fall foliage, trading my sandals for ankle boots, my flowy maxis for pants and no more bare legs and having to wear tights. After taking a few minutes to think this through I realized that the change of weather isn’t so horrible.  There is still the possibility of wearing my beloved Summer threads. My love affair with color can continue! Check back tomorrow for tips on how you can incorporate your Summer gear into your Fall wardrobe – With a little creativity the style-possibilities are endless.


image image

image image

Cynthia Rowley Top | Vince Camuto Pants | ShoeDazzle Shoes | Anthropologie Necklace


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