After cleaning out my closet, I came across one of my chambray shirts and fell in love with the top all over again. I could live in a chambray.  Classic pieces have a soft place in my heart and are keepers in my closet. A chambray can satisfy any of your style needs whether you seek a casual cool ‘fit or a polished look. They are honestly style perfection. Perhaps, it’s the structure, the sweet buttons or the lazy fit of the top that I adore. I don’t know how the invasion of the chambray started but they have proven to be winners for both men and women alike.

This sweet top is no one trick pony. This simple shirt has oodles of style potential.  Mosey on over to my Wardrobe Inspiration page (here) to learn how to master the chambray.


image image  image

Walmart Chambray | Boohoo Shorts | Francesa’s Sandals | Anthropologie Bauble Necklace


(Psst-In case you were wondering – yup, that’s my boo ❤ )


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