Chic Beat’s Reader Spotlight

imageFashion to Figure Dress | Lola Shoetique Dress | Rock Paper Heels Clutch

This is Bianca!

My style is mostly classic and bohemian with splashes of trendy and modern. I tend to prefer classic/bohemian looks because I love a timeless outfit and I also like to be carefree and relaxed. I suppose I could say each style is reflective of my personality; at one moment I can be focused and on task and at other times, I just go with the wind and enjoy the surprises. I usually tend to go trendy for jewelry and accessories because I do enjoy the juxtaposition of styles. I also find it easier to experiment with accessories than a full outfit. Of course, a girl loves brands like most do but if it looks good, I wear it. Period. It’s all about how it’s pulled together.

My color palette for clothing tends to be earthy/neutral while my accessories (including nail polish) are very eclectic and vibrant. I am trying to work on including more color with my clothing! All in all, I believe in being confident in your clothes and following your gut; if your outfit makes you feel beautiful and confident, then wear it!


African high-low print dress (gift)| Rainbow Shops Belt | ShoeDazzle Shoes

So eloquently stated, Bianca! Excuse me while I covet your shoes. Don’t mind me ūüôā

Calling all the stylish ladies! Want to be featured on Chic Beat?  Drop me a message.  Also, if there are any particular posts you want to see on Chic Beat Рlet me know. I want to hear from you! Thanks for all the support and love! I truly appreciate it. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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