Isn’t funny how after a couple of days off from work how one can still feel so slow and sluggish. Welcome to Monday morning! Oh the irony…Welp, here is an outfit I wore over the weekend. If you were in the New England area then you know that it was downright fiery and humid. To a lot of people’s surprise I wore nearly all black to an outdoor party. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say that wearing black in the summer is insane because you’ll overheat. I honestly don’t think I was any hotter than anyone else at the party. The way I see it is If it’s hot – then you’re going to be hot because it’s hot outside. Makes sense, right? I’m not big on physics but I’ve heard the myth isn’t true. I mean doesn’t this imply that if you wear black in the winter you’ll retain more body warmth and will never be cold?! Sounds a little suspect to me. If you can’t tell where I stand on the matter, wearing  head to toe black in the summer is cool with me. It was a super flattering look and black is always on trend.

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image  image

F21 dress | Francesa’s necklace and sandals


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