Chic Beat’s Reader Spotlight


Dress & Shoes| Banana Republic | Vest: New York & Co.

It’s almost Friday; the golden child of the weekend (woo hoo). Today I deliver to you another edition of Chic Beat’s Reader Spotlight. Meet the lovely Ling-Se everyone. Like most people Ling-Se’s style has transformed over the years but she has remained consistently stylish. Ling-Se was kind enough to answer a few questions about her personal style.

Q: How do you describe your style?

A: I would describe my style as classic with an artsy twist. I used to be more glamorous in college and wear heels when I’d go out clubbing, but now that I’m a mom comfort is my number one priority; however, you will never catch me wearing “mom jeans”!

Q: What’s one article of clothing that you can’t live without?   

A: I can’t live without my jean jacket because it’s super versatile and perfect for all seasons.

Q: What do you feel most comfortable wearing?                                                   

A: I feel most comfy in a soft, loose sweater and leggings.

Q: Who is your celebrity style crush?                

A: Jessica Alba.

Thanks to Ling-Se for sharing her style story and to you for reading. Hearing about others’ style journeys and inspiration is always fascinating to me. With that being said, if you’re interested in being featured here please email me at


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