Finding Balance


Dressing for work on steamy days can make it difficult to find the balance between work appropriate clothing and dressing for warm temps. In offices all over you’re seeing hemlines getting higher and more bare skin. Naturally, people want to be outdoors in the warmer months and are drawn to sheer and shorter attire. Everyday  I have to fight the urge to wear something that may be deemed too casual or more suitable for the beach. For guys work garb is pretty standard anytime of the year. You throw on pants, a shirt and shoes – and you’re done. Seems pretty boring to me. I rather have the dilemma of not knowing what to wear and creatively figuring out a way to address the issue. There are a couple of things I keep in mind to help keep myself in check. I wear lighter fabrics than I would during colder months. Lighter fabrics doesn’t equal sheer. I also layer. If I really want to wear a tank, I can still wear it but don a cardigan over it while I’m in the office, and during my lunch break and commute home I can remove the garment and bask in the sun. When it comes to choosing the right skirt length, every skirt must pass the fingertip test. If the hem of a skirt is longer than my fingertips while my arms are resting on the side of my body, then it’s a go on the skirt. If it’s too short then I’ll wait until the weekend to wear it. Keeping these tips in mind doesn’t completely wash away my desire to wear summer-like clothing but it does help to suppress the need to shed the threads while I’m on the clock.

Does anyone else struggle with the same issue? I’d love to hear how you deal with it. imageimageTop:Nordstrom Rack| Skirt: Thrifted| Shoes: ShoeDazzleimage


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