A Fashion Blunder Interrupted: The T-shirt Dress

A tee is the easiest and most comfortable thing to wear; however a t-shirt dress is a different story. One misguided decision and you can end up looking like you’re wearing a nightgown. Here are three ways you can pull off wearing a t-shirt dress and save face.


1) Give it a little polish- By pairing the t-shirt dress with a structured piece such as a denim jacket or a blazer, it makes it-shirt dress seem like a more substantial article of clothing. Adding a pointed-toe heel adds some polish to the look and makes it less casual.

2) Layer it- Add a pair of leggings under your t-shirt dress and throw on some booties for an edgier look. This look is fit for any evening activities, whether it be cocktails with the girls or rocking out at a concert.

3) Cinch the waist- A belt can create a defined waistline and add shape to your look. Throw on a scarf and sandals, now you have a stylish ‘fit.

This post was created by a reader’s request – Thanks Leslie 🙂 If you need fashion advice or have a request for a post, please email me at Chicbeatblog@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!


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