Full Skirt

imageI have an affinity for full skirts. There’s something so ladylike and demure about the style that I adore. If full skirts aren’t your thing because you think it’s a dated style, well there’s a modern way to wear the notorious style of the ’50s.

1. There’s such a thing as too full. Make sure you pick a skirt that isn’t too full to avoid drowning your frame in the skirt.

2. Wear a more fitted top to help accentuate your shape. You’ll have more of an hourglass shape and not look shapeless.

3. Find a length that’s perfect for you. I usually pick a hem that falls just above or below my knee. I’m about average height for a woman (5’5). If I wore a longer, ankle grazing skirt, it would cause me to look shorter.

Try wearing a full skirt to your liking and add volumes of style to your look.


Top: Nordstom Rack| Skirt: Banana Republic| Shoes: Shoe Dazzle


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