How to Style: The Scarf Sandal


Here is a great way to update a pair of sandals in your closet. While I’m a big fan of retail therapy, I also like being creative and trying to refresh things in my wardrobe by re-purposing them. The end product is usually something very cool and an item that feels like new.

The scarf sandal is fabulous for several reasons 1) it’s easy to make 2) only takes three items to create the look (scissors, sandals and a scarf) 3) will look great at the beach or poolside this summer.

image1) Take your scarf and cut it into two even halves.

2) Start wrapping one side of the scarf at the base of “Y” on your sandal and wrap around the sandal until it is completely covered in fabric. Make sure the scarf is evenly distributed in half before you begin wrapping. Then repeat using the remaining piece of fabric on the other side of the sandal.

3) Tuck or tie the ends of the scarf to secure the fabric.

Now they’re ready to wear. There are so many ways to wrap your sandals. Watch the video below see my technique. Leave your comments below and let my know if you have any interesting ways to create the look.


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